Getting Started2021-07-07T14:33:08+00:00

Getting Started

It's understood that better process and a way to digitise those processes is a fundamental requirement right now, but there is often a gap between knowing what’s needed and getting started. Here are some of the common barriers to getting started and how we address them:

How do we get all the teams together to do this?2021-07-07T15:02:42+00:00

TotalControlPro supports coordination between owners, managers, chief engineers & floor workers from top floor to shop floor.

First stage is to work with each of the teams through our Scoping process

  • Match the Process Map to the Platform and identify immediate and future roadmap.
  • Go Live
    Capture Initial Live Data
    review and refine over 3 stage onboarding process.
Courage to push through change.2021-07-07T15:08:38+00:00

Courage to push through change within factories is usually limited by concerns around Return on Investment (ROI). Complexity, time & resources required to implement. TotalControlPro addresses these by:

  • Delivery via monthly Software as a Service model with a low start up cost. No requirement for a high capital expenditure budget.
  • Highly configurable and easily integrated to fit current business systems & processes. Gives managers a tool set so they can be more effective, efficient & responsive to business needs.
  • Real time monitoring and KPI reporting to gain understanding on whether decisions are improving your bottom line. Are all projects on time? What is your current Work in Progress? What value is on hold?
  • Gain visibility on employees and a full audit trail for every product. Who is working on each job? How productive are they? What errors are occurring and why?

TotalControlPro delivers visibility & real time accurate data without the need for radical transformation.

Need for necessary talent?2021-07-07T15:10:47+00:00

People are still the highest value resource for most Manufacturers, and we understand, that the digital transformation process, often takes a level of understanding and skill that’s in great demand. TotalControlPro work with you step by step, as your technology partners in the process.

  • IT infrastructure and resources can be an expensive overhead to implement & maintain.
  • Lengthy installation periods.
  • Costs of internal & external IT support.


  • Simple Cloud technology.
  • Plug and play application that can be implemented in a few weeks.
Cyber security concerns?2021-07-07T15:11:25+00:00

As a cloud based application, TotalControlPro utilises the latest secure server technology and for the hosting and backup of your application & information.

Industry debates as to whether cloud hosting of data off site is better housed and more secure.

Lack of business case?2021-07-07T15:12:01+00:00

TotalControlPro provides a clear business case for investment. TotalControPro Delivers:

  • Production Tracking – Production Status, Job Location, Job Time & Employee Time
  • Auto Data Capture – Auto Time Sheets, Employee Activity, Accountability & Auto Audit
  • Manufacturing Intelligence Reporting – Instant KPl’s, QC Reporting, WIP Reporting & Actual vs Estimate

Cloud Technology – Software as a Service, Plug & Play, Scalable & Easy Integration