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  • Smart Integration Platform

Smart Work Bench

The Smart Workbench is an intelligent solution designed to realise continuous improvement engineering in Manufacturing.

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  • Pack and Pallet Dispatch

Feature Study

Visibility, Management & Reporting on the dispatch process.

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  • Manufacturing Execution System

Silverstone Composites

With their current systems, Silverstone Composites wasn’t able to pinpoint the stoppages in production due to miscommunication,

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  • Customer Order Management


This was a middle management implementation that could be put into place quickly, efficiently and within budget.

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  • Digital Factory

Kal Tire

TotalControlPro has enabled us to establish the true cost per tyre produced, allowing us to make decisions based on big data.

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  • Shopfloor Data Capture

Albion Knit

The stress and burden of filling out employee work cards or job sheet paperwork on the factory floor was eliminated.

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  • Inventory Management


TotalControlPro were happy to adapt their system to suit our business needs, rather than give us an off-the-shelf product..

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  • Manufacturing Intelligence

PDCA Consulting

TotalControlPro can help peel back the layers of inefficiency in all areas – so it’s a tool that can be…

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  • Planning and Scheduling


It’s astounding how a small company can provide so much in such little time. Something we can definitely learn from.

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Getting Started

Start somewhere and start small
Simple Roadmap, to deploy first stage within 4 weeks

  • 1

    Define – Scope the MFG process and configure the digital factory roadmap.

  • 2

    Demonstrate – Go Live and capture initial live data.

  • 3

    Deploy – Refine and review over 3 stage onboarding process.


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