Mowden Controls

Mowden Controls is an electronics manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience specialising in low to medium volume PCB assembly, product design & development, box build and mechanical manufacturing. They can provide complete product solutions and supply chain management all under one roof.

TotalControlPro has allowed us to ensure accurate costings and remain competitive in an increasingly lean-priced market.

Daniel Laverick, Production Manager

As a bespoke subcontractor, Mowden Controls needed to keep an accurate record of process times for hundreds of their products. They needed to be able to track products on the shop floor and compare actual costs against predicted costs for each job.

The adoption of new technologies is often considered high risk, how was the technology received on the shop-floor?

The initial setup was met with scepticism by  operators, with some used to over 20 years of doing things ‘the same way’, and after an initial training period, all staff – even those not computer literate – were able to use the scanning process to record stages, work status and to retrieve documentation from the system with ease.

“The TotalControlPro system and intelligence has enabled us to launch an employee reward scheme so when we do well, everyone enjoys the benefits”- Stephen Williams, MD, Mowden Controls

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