Corporate Purpose: to provide great technology to serve global manufacturers to adapt, survive and thrive in a digital world. Its a digital evolution, let us join you on the journey. Built on the values of: Simplicity, Agility, Vision, Integrity and Enrichment.

Our journey to becoming an available, affordable and accessible manufacturing platform provider.


Our Founders came together at a bar in Lisbon and acknowledged the challenges facing manufacturers. Traditional processes were creating mountains of paperwork and excel spreadsheets weren’t tracking last minute changes across factories.
Many technology systems at this time were largely inaccessible to SME manufacturers because of their high implementation costs and that’s when inspiration hit! Total Control Pro Ltd. Created to provide an affordable solution to manufacturers to connect their Production, Retail and Operations (PRO) departments enabling them to track their production lines more efficiently at every stage, from order placement to deployment.

2015 – 2016

Industry 4.0 buzz across the UK, Total Control Pro transitioned from an on-premises system to a cloud-based SaaS system to serve the whole supply chain. Deploying via the internet meant technical and distribution barriers were broken down and our customers could get a fast return on their investment. Our tried and tested, trustworthy software was growing and so was our team as we had 2 new recruits, one of which was our very first apprentice! TotalControlPro showcased at the Industry 4.0 Summit and attracted the interest of key partners such as Knowledge Transfer Network and Innovate UK.

2018 – 2019

We attracted angel investment funding to grow and expand our offering from a track and trace MES system to a complete manufacturing system. We expanded our board, and we moved to the Innovation Centre at UON.
Our innovation focus was acknowledged by Innovate UK via UK Growth Fund and Strategic Director, Dolores Sanders receiving “Women in Innovation Award “.

2020 – Present

Serving and expanding to manufacturing clients around the world, the Total Control Pro Manufacturing Platform has 6 interconnected modules, and full 3rd party connection – the promise of synchronised production becomes a reality.
Our team has grown from our 4 founders to a dedicated team of more than 20 people and a strong supply chain. Our commitment to innovation, nurturing talent and providing tech that’s Available Affordable and Accessible to all manufactures remains as strong today as ever.

Our core aims remain the same