Integration Platform

From accounts to Excel, from CAD to ERP, integrate your systems with data from TotalControlPro to complete your smart factory set-up.

Simple, adaptable integration

Take what works from your current business systems by coordinating a range of third-party business applications, systems or web services with the TotalControlPro Manufacturing platform to evolve digital processes and unlock smarter business.

Flexible Connectivity

We’ve come a long way from the old switchboard but integration has the same challenges; Avoid crossed lines, and build a robust digital strategy with a flexible, two-way flow of information between the TotalControlPro Manufacturing Platform and your existing accounts, ERP or CAD package.

Scale your business

Create scalable connectivity across your business systems. Connect your machinery, automation, edge computing and even your online marketplace.


Capture data that builds your business

Find out how to get more from your manufacturing business!