At TotalControlPro™ the customer comes first. Your needs are central to the way we operate. Inside of this stand here is a brief overview of a new customer’s journey with us.

We are committed to breaking down the traditional barriers to software deployment. Say goodbye to long, costly implementation times, complex new systems to teach staff and no guarantees of a return on your investment. TotalControlPro™ seeks to provide a plug and play experience. The experience of putting technology inside your factory could be as simple as the technology you install in the home. It could be as easy to run a track and trace, customer management or Inventory system as it is to download Netflix onto your TV.

Our customer experience falls into FOUR simple steps:

  1. Demo

Book a free online demo with our team as a chance for you to visualise the system, the way it works, view its functionalities from job tracking to profit identification. This is also a chance to highlight any concerns or specific challenges you currently face to our team. There is the opportunity to personalise the system from design to job functions.

  1. Subscribe

Time to ACTIVATE your system! The journey from “interested” to “activated customer” starts here. An automated software subscription and portal, that puts you in charge of the number of users and modules and how you want to access them.

  1. Now ENERGISE and get your first level configuration mapped out.

You can of course configure your system yourself – you are in control, however, we have some experience in this, and advise condensing time and booking some sessions with our Professional Services team – much more fun than that sounds.

  1. a) Scoping and Configuring

Whenever we embark on helping a new customer deploy our system the most important start is to address the current problems you are facing. This is identified during our scoping stage. Prior to the pandemic, these would be done onsite. Our team would come to you, work with your production staff, get to know the team, understand their needs, view data processing and establish the desires for the system operating inside the factory.

We are now able to deliver this exact service virtually through a series of sprint call sessions. During these virtual calls our PS team understand who has what data, where, how it is used and then processed. The key at this stage is getting all stakeholders together and configuring exactly how our system would look and work from shop floor to top floor to meet your needs.

  1. b) On-boarding and support

Through close client relationships and on-boarding support calls we will connect, customise and assimilate the system into the rest of your organisation for full integration.

We understand deploying a new software throughout your factory can be a daunting procedure. However, through our support board and knowledge base where you can speak to the team or check-in on our videos, we are there to ensure a seamless journey. By supporting managers, we teach staff to use the system quickly and efficiently.

  1. Synchronise

Data driven results : Use the data, to improve processes

As your system starts to generate data, we will support you with the technology to connect and automate your production process. Talk to the team about Synchronised Manufacturing.

You are up and running! Watch your production levels reach new heights!

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