We’ve previously discussed, the UK is in a productivity slump. In fact, we’re 35% behind our economic counterparts. Plus, it’s alleged 80% of UK managers are overstating their productivity. Seems like a dull outlook. However! As pioneers of cloud-control software, our mission is to improve productivity and profitability across the manufacturing industry; done through real-time tracking. Let’s discuss how.

Worker productivity & task completion

TotalControlPro improves organisational efficiency by recovering lost time. Productivity, accountability and expenditure is tracked in real time. As a result, employee’s complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Plus, worker productivity is increased by up to 30 mins per worker per day. As a management aid, machine output is displayed using traffic light indicators; showing comparative figures to track fulfilment. Additionally, allowing for more targeted support and training.

Track data in real-time

Factory errors, stoppages and waste is reduced as issues are flagged immediately. Active job tracking allows for immediate, corrective action. In addition, shop floor miscommunication is drastically improved and contradicting instructions are removed. Also, instructions and status updates can be added in the comment sections for each task.

Firstly, RFID scanning takes seconds instead of minutes; reducing paper logs and unseen errors. Next, it helps managers track revenue across the production process. Additionally, task status is visible on a digital whiteboard, showing real-time work in progress on the shop floor.

Real-time data assessment

Manufacturing reports have long been paper-based. However, this runs the risk of inaccurate data and missing documents. While TotalControlPro can provide live audit trails digitally at the click of a button. Active job reporting improves accountability; essential to maintaining ISO industry accreditation.

ISO industry accreditation is important to uphold, but more difficult using paper-based systems; resulting in false representations of productivity output. This is causing the UK’s manufacturing industry to encounter production issues. Which is a major problem as sub-standard production shortages may occur. Therefore, falling short of export requirements; impacting turnover, jobs, company accreditation and negative connotations on the countries production industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on our cloud-control software with Total Control Pro.


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