Guest blog by TotalControl Pro intern, Jasmine Smellie

There is no doubt that social media is the marketing platform of the century and no business can ignore its vital use for growth in industry. However, it can be as harmful as it can beneficial and requires a planned and strategized use.

Georgie Gayler from LocaSocial highlighted the importance of laying out a clear planned communication strategy which projects a consistent and authentic message about your brand, before, during and after the exhibition.

Before the event is prime time to make connections with companies, as possible investors and customers. By reaching and following your desired brands, you have access to gather an insight into the company and set up the possibility of connecting at the event.

On the other side, you can also decide prior to an event whether it is worth the time branching out to that brand or worth exploring other routes. During the event it is useful to have a promoter of your brand, actively engaging on social media platforms and capturing your activity at the event.

However, please ensure they are not on their phones when at the stand and be aware of the message this may present to passers-by. You do not want to be that stand that looks great, but with grumpy, preoccupied promoters. Additionally, consider the maintenance of messages portrayed at events.

It is vital that the hype and enthusiasm often generated from the build-up and during exhibition events, is built on and does not disappear due to poor management. Therefore, prior planning of post-event social media management is required. For example, through weekly blog entries and interaction with other connections on social platforms, customers see a brand that is at the forefront of their industry and committed to keeping in touch with the emerging conversations and helps retain customer loyalty.

Top Tips at a Glance:

  • When creating hashtags – make them unique, clear and easy to understand
  • Keep the hashtag short, no longer than ten characters – ensure they cannot –
  • Be prepared and fully prepped before the stand – ensure all staff SMILE and have extensive product knowledge and are enrolled in why the brand is there and the image you wish to portray
  • Be prepared with data capture sheets
  • Be responsible for delivering the customer experience you wish your brand to leave users with – think of how to attract the five senses on your stand
  • Think of your own brand impact – enrol others to work with you and show the powerful team and how the customer could fit in and bring to the brand
  • Be evocative and memorable – what message do you want to leave people with?


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