Overall Tip: During tricky times, it is incredibly important to check in with your employees and they feel they are valued assets of the business. As employers and leaders, you have responsibility for the wellbeing of your workforce – if not then they will feel like a cog in a machine and part of only a team of individuals.

Mental Wellbeing of Workers  

The physical and mental wellbeing of employees should be paramount to any business, if workers do not feel they are valued then their productivity will be vastly inferior to those with a good sense of workplace wellbeing. Wellbeing is all about creating conditions in which people thrive; it’s quality of life and prosperity, positive physical and mental health and sustainable thriving communities of unified people.   

The mental wellbeing of workers drastically controls the way that they perform in work, which is to be expected considering people are less inclined to do something that they do not actively want to be doing. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your employees feel comfortable and happy. But most importantly they need to feel as if they are an asset to your business, opposed to another cog in the machine.   

In manufacturing, it may take some time for information to circulate throughout the shop-floor. Productivity becomes measured by word-of-mouth, opinion-based gossip, rather than clear statistics and data. Consequently, misinterpretation on employee productivity can be made, leading to incorrect or misplaced blame for lack of productivity.   

Misplaced blame can stem from management being in the dark about real-time productivity data. This can be the difference between an employee feeling valued in the workplace or not. TotalControlPro™ can shed light on this problem, enabling extensive employee job tracking, delivered straight to management. TotalControlPro™ is all about removing complications and providing the right information at the right time to the right people. Giving management clearer visibility of what is really happening on the production floor brings an end to incorrect judgements. 

Workforce wellbeing

Unifying your Workforce  

Additionally, a sense of unity is very important in the workplace, you cannot expect a group of individuals to work as one if you do not strive to unify them as a team. Feeling part of a team can add to a sense belonging, thus increasing productivity dramatically. Karl Marx conceptualised a theory that described the isolating, dehumanising and unfulfilling effects of working within a workplace that does not celebrate the individual as part of a larger team, this is called “alienation”. Feeling alienated in your job can decrease levels of enthusiasm and productivity, so avoiding this altogether is the goal, especially here at TotalControlPro™.  

Having a close-knit team also leads to minimised confusion when it comes to workloads. People will be more likely to communicate if they feel as if they are part of a team, which constantly reinforces job roles and helps employees understand what needs to be done, not just as an individual but as one collective.  

Physical Health– COVID-19  

We must also give attention to the current outbreak of COVID-19 evoking fear amongst our workforce. With increasing businesses facing closure and workers unable to travel to work, there is a genuine fear of the productivity amongst manufacturers.   

Something we have been able to provide our customers, who share these concerns, is a way to reduce the need for management to travel from plant to plant. Through our cloud-based service, we offer customers full visualisation across multiple factory floors. Reducing this travelling helps reduce the potential spread of infection and contamination. Distance and travel restrictions should not hinder your productivity or ability to predict future outputs. Amrod, are based in South Africa and we have deployed a fully integrated system into their process entirely remotely and offered online support. 

TotalControlPro™ are committed to reaching anyone, anywhere and bring accessibility to businesses on a global scale, even during times of unpredictability. 


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