The TotalControlPro™ vision is to give manufacturers access to real-time, accurate data. Improving productivity, whilst producing more and wasting less. First and foremost, the cloud-tracking software gives managers an accurate insight into production flow; accessed via the internet. Next, RFID scanners and sensors log real-time data and eliminate the need for traditional paper-based systems. Finally, the reclaiming of lost production hours and reduction of paper and manufactured waste creates a more sustainable process and in turn, a greener future. So, let’s get into the details.

Paperless systems

Manufacturing is calling out for a reduction in paperwork for more reasons than one; not only will it improve speed and efficiency, while reducing the effect on the environment. It will also help to solve the UK productivity crisis.

Ask yourself: “What’s the cost of lost production hours and wasted resources to my business?”

A complicated answer with a simple solution… TotalControlPro™ has already implemented systems for major manufacturers like Siemens and from the textiles industry, right through to SpaceX. In fact, not only does the system allow manufacturers to go paperless, it also links time and payroll data to existing third party accounting software. As well as issuing paperwork and reports digitally and accurately for managers.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

In an ideal world, the circular economy is a regenerative system that reduces the amount of waste occurring in all production processes. While this seems a long way off for many manufacturers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important to uphold. In fact, an environmentally friendly brand image can even be used as a positive marketing tool. Take Tesla and SpaceX for example; the companies raise huge amounts of venture capital through their mantra of making the world a better place. This image can have a large effect on company performance, brand image and sustainability.

TotalControlPro are advocates of ‘lean manufacturing’, eliminating waste wherever possible to improve CSR, brand image and the impact on the environment. TotalControlPro’s cloud-tracking software allows manufacturers to go green, through real-time visibility across the entire production floor. Real time digital data removes the need for paperwork, as employee accountability, activity and productivity is tracked via the system. The software helps manufacturers save up to 130 production hours per employee per year.

Manufacturing Sustainability 

Following the recent report by the IoD on the UK productivity slump, we’ve discussed how TotalControlPro’s software visualises the whole manufacturing process; reducing wastage with real-time tracking on task progression and completion. Additionally, time, money and environmental cost is improved as employee reports, and paper documents are digitalised. It’s this mission and the advocacy for lean manufacturing through TotalControlPro’s accessible solutions that provides a real-world solution for sustainable manufacturers to achieve a circular economy.

Stay tuned for more updates on our cloud-control software with Total Control Pro.


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