Shop Floor Interface

Capture all elements of people, product and process with live work in progress data, including employee activity, production status and job comments.

Send orders to work-stations, view stoppages and alerts and monitor stock status in real time using touch screen and scan stations.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to paperwork

Reduce the headache of paperwork management by digitally presenting work instructions to your factory operators and open a two-way communication system between your shop-floor and top-floor.


Advanced Data Sharing

Real-time notification to shop-floor worker interfaces deliver details for what’s to be done now, what’s been done and what’s next.

Enhanced worker interface for employee/ job interaction. Engage your workforce to play with their performance, with potential rewards.

Access latest work order specifications

Embrace intuitive digital screens that capture, correlate and archive information as it flows through your workforce giving you access to the latest work-order specifications.

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