A&M EDM has one of the UK’s largest Electrical Discharge Machining capabilities and manufacture cutting edge precision technology for global brands. Based in the West Midlands, they cover a wide range of precision machining across all marketplaces from commercial tool manufacturing to aerospace.

“TotalControlPro were happy to adapt their system to suit our business needs, rather than give us an off the shelf product that we had to make our business fit around”

Kevin Powell, Senior Quality Manager

Keys to Success

  • Working closely with shop floor and top-floor users to design the best system to suit their needs
  • Accurate assessment of ROIs and new marketplace ventures
  • Providing full visibility of all business functioning and helping identify most profitable investments
  • Going on the journey with our client every step of the way

A&M EDM wished to go paperless with the support of TotalControlPro 

The initial project focused on their key requirement. After the pilot period, they quickly realised how implementing the TotalControlPro software across their entire manufacturing plant would allow them to take control, recover production hours, focus on organisational efficiency and deliver performance improvement. 

The Business Need

Involvement across a wide range of precision manufacturing materials meant paper-based tracking systems brought unreliable and inaccessible data. A&M EDM needed a way to bring clearer visibility to the return on their investments and an integrated system that could be carried out to every area of their processing. 

The Solution Provided

Initially A&M EDM partnered with TotalControlPro in our Research and Development programme. This saw the software deployed in one existing production line which has a unique process. This was to ensure they could get the software working exactly how they wanted prior to rolling it across the business.  

After a successful pilot the full potential of the software was realisedTotalControlPro enabled: 

  • Fast and accurate assessments of whether a part had given a return for the investment or not  
  • Visibility of where to focus energy on more profitable jobs  

Why TotalControlPro?

TotalControlPro are passionate about ensuring the software meets every clients’ needs and understands these vary across users. An in-depth scoping session was carried out by a team at TotalControlPro with A&M EDM management, to ensure all the key requirements and unique processes were captured. This enabled all parties to be clear and in agreement of what was needed. 

 TotalControlPro encourages every employee to engage in the process by integrating with the workforce,  

“This is where I would happily give TotalControlPro a lot of credit in the fact that they have actually interacted with the workforce, they have actually listened along the journey to what the workforce liked and disliked about it and made adjustments to that software – so the person on the shop floor are happy about the way they are interacting with the software.” 

– Kevin Powell, Senior Quality Manager for A&M EDM

The Impact and Results

TotalControlPro took the A&M EDM engaged workforce on a new learning curve and unlocked access for them to book jobs in and out, manage their productivity results and predict outputs. Personnel are now invigorated, engaged and enthused by the visibility brought to their workflow process by TotalControlPro. 

We are excited to continue to roll the software out across the whole manufacturing plant in all production areas 

Kevin Powell, Senior Quality Manager for A&M EDM shared:  

“I’d like to think the future is that we roll this out across the whole business and then we have got a totally integrated system that takes into account all of our many different processes and methods of working.”  

Implementing TotalControlPro bespoke track & trace technology has enabled A&M EDM to understand the profitability of various production lines and allowed them to make smarter, targeted decisions. They have unlocked access to more profitable production lines.  

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