The Smart Workbench is an intelligent solution designed to realise continuous improvement engineering in Manufacturing.
The opportunity to bring the excellent Steel Frog Workbench to life with DynamxMFG® software was too good to pass. We are delighted that DynamxMFG® is in partnership with the Steel Frog factory and know that many manufacturers will benefit from this powerful Hardware/Software synergy.

Empower Your Workforce, Enlighten Your Managers, and Enhance Efficiency with the Smart Workbench and DynamxMFG® software.

Empower Your Workforce and enhance Efficiency with the Smart Workbench.

The Smart Workbench is the perfect union of software and hardware systems design to make continuous improvement engineering accessible to all manufacturers. It stands apart from conventional workbenches by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art physical designs with smart DynamxMFG® manufacturing operations software to deliver real-world advancements in efficiency and productivity for shop floor operators.

This integration empowers your workforce with real-time information, detailed task instructions, and precise task duration tracking, ushering in a new era of precision, efficiency and sustainability impacts. “It ‘s a physical representation of our company ethos – to have the right resource, at the right place, at the right time performing the right task… and in doing so, we can all produce more while wasting less” – Dolores Sanders, Strategic Director.

A modular bench/rack/drawer system designed for durability, safety and low maintenance, the Smart Workbench aligns with eco-conscious goals, is constructed from British Steel and is fully recyclable, minimising its environmental impact. This innovative workbench is designed to adapt to your specific operational needs, providing the flexibility to connect into and function either alongside existing ERP/MRP systems or as a standalone system. Its inherent adaptability ensures it is an ideal fit for manufacturing operations of varying scales, offering the ability to streamline training for
new tasks or products with ease.

Key Functions

DynamxMFG Integration – DynamxMFG® is an affordable, cloud-based system with MES, shopfloor data capture, digital work instructions, and operations tracking for people, products and processes. Connect your workflow directly to your Accounts, ERP/MRP or Excel. Standard and custom connectors are available.

Scalable & Expansive Features – The Smart Workbench can seamlessly connect to your shopfloor and your existing manufacturing systems, enhancing current capabilities. Whether starting as a standalone cell or interconnected WorkCentres, the system is fully featured with DynamxMFG® order management, execution, inventory and dispatch management modules. Users are provided with the flexibility to deploy, connect, experience, and expand to their unique
operational needs.

Enhanced Compatibility – The Smart Workbench is designed to complement variable manufacturing processes and skill levels. Whether you’re in a high-tech facility or a small-scale operation, the Smart Workbench can be configured to your needs, both in its physical module design as well as the worker interaction with the digital interface. Touchscreen, QR Code Scanning, Piece and Batch work, and Group and Single Cell operations offer complete control over your routing and visibility.

Future Ready Development – Ongoing innovation includes the integration of smart Work-In-Progress (WIP) trolleys. Track work in progress, further improving production efficiency, resource utilisation, real-time material consumption and endless possibilities for optimisation through connected real-time operational data.

Quick & Modular Setup – Increasing the profitability & productivity of your organisation’s work centre by work centre. The Smart Workbench simplifies the setup process, allowing for swift transitions between tasks or product changes. Say goodbye to lengthy downtime and hello to real-time visibility.

Low Maintenance Hardware – The Smart Workbench’s hardware is engineered for durability and requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind with a robust, long-lasting solution.


The Smart Workbench is now accessible to all SME manufacturers. By combining smart technology, user-friendly software, and a commitment to safety and sustainability, it addresses the evolving needs of modern industrial environments. Whether you’re seeking to improve continuous improvement engineering, enhance productivity, or streamline training, the Smart Workbench empowers your operations to reach new heights.’ Produce More and Waste Less
We invite you to explore this cutting-edge solution, enabling you to elevate your manufacturing capabilities while minimising environmental impact. Embrace the future of manufacturing with the Smart Workbench.

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