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A pragmatic business advisor with 30+ years of international manufacturing operations and supply chain experience at managerial and board level, with a record of delivering significant positive outcomes – improving the performance of individuals and organisations, bringing measurable results to the P&L and balance sheet.

“TotalControlPro can help peel back the layers of inefficiency in all areas – so it’s a tool that can be moulded to the needs of a business as it evolves…”

Chris Ward, Managing Consultant

Keys to Success

  • Ability of TotalControlPro to respond to the evolving and rapidly expanding needs of the client.
  • Integration with multiple business applications.
  • Ongoing evolution and delivery of software features and functionality.

The Business need

Chris Ward, Managing Consultant, explains: “I’m really keen on data-driven decision making. People who make instinctive, snap judgements go through life with a 50/50 record of success. If you have the data, you don’t need to guess. Now, with TotalControlPro, I have the tools to bring that mantra to life in a very cost-effective, easy-to-use package.”

The Solution provided

“Quick establishment of the client’s baseline performance. As the intervention proceeds, any uptick in performance is recorded through shop floor data capture. ”The client data measures improvements without spin or filtration. This new-found clarity is a powerful selling point as the insights are extremely valuable to clients. “An array of metrics, so most client’s current concerns can be addressed. If a client is struggling to increase machine uptime, I emphasise the stoppage reports and use these initially for root cause analysis and subsequent improvement. If a client has a problem sticking to production schedules, I may point to the EoL report as an initial way forward. ”

“The TotalControlPro team have been very patient and understanding as they walked me through the system and each time I had a question or doubt, the team answered quickly. Lean on the team for support as you build a working knowledge of the program.”

The Impact and Results

“I have a new reason to talk to past, current, and potential clients. The software backs up the rhetoric with a flexible, pragmatic solution that begins to deliver insights and savings from day one of implementation.“

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