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“This was a middle management implementation that could be put into place quickly, efficiently and within budget. The savings and data from the application has created strategic level return on investment.”

Chief Engineer

Keys to Success

  • TotalControlPro could be implemented into the factory easily and efficiently within the production budget
  • Seamless integration with Siemens in-house protocols and systems
  • Flexibility of scanning model allowed for adaptation for all different team working conditions
  • Scalability of the application enables expansion from trial to full service implementation

The Business Need

  • To monitor the effectiveness of employees and employee partnership working models.
  • To assess productivity of different team configurations.
  • To monitor workflow and efficiency across shift patterns.
  • A solution to capture and log calibration measurements  in high volume throughput environments.

The Solution Provided

Implementation of TotalControlPro cloud tracking system, utilising multipart, teamwork and percentage complete scanning modules.

The Impact and Results

“After just 4 weeks, we can clearly see that working one particular employee combination gives us increased productivity over the other, contrary to our assumption and expectation, saving us months of assessment and lost productivity” – Chief Engineer

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