Silverstone Composites

Silverstone Composites manufacture high-performance, durable composites components and tooling for a range of engineering environments. Working with a range of customers across the motorsport industry to bespoke design cutting, Silverstone Composites understand the need to create accurate precision components.

“The volume of production was increasing, but our current system couldn’t cope with the demand…. TotalControlPro offers a solution and will continue to grow that internally for us”

Marcus Trofimov, Managing Director

Keys to Success

  • Full traceability of processes from cutting and laminating to product dispatch
  • The ability to clearly communicate real-time data to their clients on demand at every stage of production
  • Visibility at every stage of the order flow enabling a clear identification of where a task is being conducted, by whom and how long it is taking
  • Real-time inter and cross team communications supported by accurate data
  • Batching capabilities to support the tracking of multiple parts from numerous orders across the workshop
  • Breakout identification allowing operators to recognise an error as soon as it occurs, record live real-time red flags and correct the system immediately
  • Realtime client visibility on request
  • Having real-time location, process stage and estimated completion time

The Business need

The production of a wide range of complex precision engineered parts at different stages made monitoring and tracking increasingly difficult. The original system Silverstone Composites had in place could not keep up and restricted the company developing and processing increasing orders. Previously engineers were working from paper-based schematics and drawings. They needed a way to completely digitise their process.  

With their current systems Silverstone Composites weren’t able to pin point the stoppages in production due to miscommunication, delays in manufacturing and lack of stock availability.  TotalControlPro quickly noticed this was aissue. We highlighted to the Silverstone Composites team that being able to visualise these issues would enable all team members to view real time red flags around current orders and react to each situation accordingly. 

Stephanie Mitchell, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director at Silverstone Composites shared with TotalControlPro: 

“We would really like full traceability from day one so that we know at the end result, if anyone came back to us, we could tell them that it was made on this day, at this time, by this person, with this kit number, so then we can trace it back to where it came from. 

The Solution provided

By facilitating the core functionality of the TotalControlPro software, Silverstone Composites are able to digitise their complete process. The software provides full visibility of the order flow, traceability of resources, job time tracking, monitors batching features and identifies stoppages and breakout issues. The software enables real-time communication both within and between teams. Those in laminating now know the fundamentals being worked on at the cutting station and therefore when to commence the laminating job stage.

The Impact and Results

Deploying TotalControlPro across the whole production floor has opensup clear communication across the organisation at Silverstone Composites. Teams are now fully informed of every stage an order has reached. This is mirrored by a clear communication with customers that has enabled stronger customer relationships.  

Stephanie said, “We can now look at which stages require the most amount of resources and manpower. This information can then be fed back to our customers if we know a part has taken a lot less time than previously predicted, then we can go back to them with that real-time data and re-quote.” 

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