To explain our previous articles around the UK productivity puzzle. TotalControlPro has exhibited and delivered keynotes on how the industry is changing. With that in mind, as CEO of TotalControlPro, I feel it’s my duty to voice this vision. Additionally, driving our clients towards industry 4.0. So, in this article, I will explore the factors that are driving change, like industrial digital technologies and explain how to solve them.


Productivity gap TotalControlPro


Is today’s tech up to spec?

As we’ve previously discussed, the UK productivity puzzle states that we are 35% behind our economic counterparts in terms of our output. Considering the UK used to be one of the most productive countries on the planet; this is a real issue. The Made Smarter Review stated that the biggest problem is difficulty measuring the digital world. Moreover, we have moved from a forecast driven to a demand driven industry; with increasing levels of personalisation and a higher demand than ever to operate lean manufacturing reduce waste.

All of which contributes to the productivity gap. However, at TotalControlPro we believe this is a failing of the technology industry. Therefore next to the productivity gap, there’s also an equally large technological gap. So, is today’s tech up to spec? The answer in my opinion is no. However, a solution is close to hand.

“The manufacturing industry as we know it is fundamentally changing with advanced technologies increasingly underpinning global competitiveness…”

“…to produce smarter products, more efficient processes and more closely connected customers, suppliers and manufacturers” – Deloitte (Innovate UK)


Capture-Intelligence TotalControlPro


Intelligent manufacturing

Industry 4.0 requires fully-connected manufacturing; replacing traditional accounting-focused ERP systems with synchronised cloud manufacturing. Again, at a basic level TotalControlPro has digitised the production whiteboard. To put that into context, we use ‘plug and play’ RFID scanners to track the whole process and provide real time data reports. With that in mind, the ability to implement plug and play hardware and visualise the manufacturing process gives clients the power to operate connected manufacturing in a matter of weeks.

“The positive impact of faster innovation and adoption of Industrial Digital Technologies could be as much as £455 billion for UK manufacturing over the next decade.” – Made Smarter Review


Digital whiteboard TotalControlPro


TotalControlPro promises to lead us into Industry 4.0

  • 10,000 lost production hours recovered
  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 10% decrease in downtime
  • Real time audits and reports
  • £ saved by synchronising inventory
  • Connected supply chain
  • Confidence re-inspired in the whole process

TotalControlPro caters for all levels of productivity. To explain, we track people, product and process. In conclusion, this has already been proven to allow an extra 30 minutes of productivity, per employee, per day. What could your business do with that kind of extra capacity?

Contact our CEO Dorian Smellie for more information.

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