UK manufacturing productivity is in a slump. In fact, we’re 35% behind our economic counterparts. Plus, with nothing but uncertainly ahead of us, it feels like a grim outlook for Britain. However, with every cloud comes a silver lining; Total Control Pro is systematically reducing productivity pain points by automatically streamlining production workflows, let’s explain.

Manufacturing Productivity pain points

As a pioneer of cloud control technology, it’s our vision to bring UK manufacturing into a new era. So, we asked our customers about their biggest productivity pain points and how we could help to solve them. This is what we found:

  1. Paperwork and lost documents; the never-ending mound of admin and paper trails
  2. Shop floor miscommunication; overlapping/contradicting instructions
  3. Accuracy of production reports; inaccurate data and out-of-date information
  4. Time efficiency; lost production hours, bottlenecks and underperformance
  5. Confidence in the whole process; ineffective mix of new and old systems

Paperless systems

Factory floor workers and overwhelmed admin assistants told us they would benefit from having less paperwork. So, Total Control Pro’s software now allows manufacturers to go paperless. The automatic tracking system eliminates the over encumbering paper trail; saving time and storing important information safely on a secure cloud.

Improving communication

Manufacturing productivity problems happen in real time. Therefore, so does our communication software. In fact, managers can access real-time data tracking and add new instructions to the comment section for each job. Furthermore, the system provides instant status updates to offer a real-time view of the what so; improving reaction time and reducing inefficiency.


Legitimate data

Reporting on the manufacturing process has long being untimely and paper-based process. As a result, many manufacturers report on inaccurate data that’s hours, days or even weeks out of date. So, as a solution, Total Control Pro automatically reports on all active jobs. Allowing senior managers to pull reports at the touch of a button and deliver data that’s accurate to the minute. The ability to identify problems instantly through better tracking, quality control and employee productivity has been proven to save up to 30 mins of productivity per employee, per day.

Reclaim lost production hours

The combined power of removing unsecured paperwork, inaccurate data and poor communication solves arguably the biggest pain point of all. In fact, achieving greater synergy on the production floor not only improves future cashflow, it could reclaim hours lost in the past. As a result, bringing the whole process up to speed and eliminating manufacturing myopia within weeks.

Confidence in the system

Total Control Pro bridges the gap between outdated systems and a more sustainable future. Firstly, the software can adapt to existing hardware, upgrading it in stages to ensure a smooth transition through industry two, three and even four. Secondly, it digitalises the whole process to identify faults and predict bottlenecks before they happen. Finally, it lowers the security risk associated with multiple systems and lost paperwork i.e. accounting and payroll. Further to this, updates can be tracked by employees, managers and even customers (if enabled) to give everyone a real-time view and tangible confidence in the whole process.

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