As a forward-thinking company that aims to empower manufacturers to unleash their full potential, TotalControlPro™ believe that now is the time to start looking at the opportunities to build a new economy that facilitates the UK manufacturing sector to thrive. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of a global pandemic, manufactures have proved to be resilient and adapted to demand. Many have forged new innovative ideas to keep them operating and secured staff employment. Innovation need not stop there. Why not embrace the opportunities of a renewed manufacturing sector now?

1. Supply Chains

There is no doubt manufacturing supply chains have been significantly challenged from the pandemic. We have seen disruption of global logistics and transportation of goods; Factory closures across the globe to protect workers; Air transport has been strictly limited, preventing the delivery of goods and materials; Limited sea freight transportation has delayed delivery times and shutdown economies.

While the idea of localised component sourcing within the UK solves the issues of transportation delays, it is both unrealistic and often financially inefficient to have the manufacture of internationally outsourced components brought back to the UK. So how can we make supply chains more resilient in the future?

The answer is by diversifying manufacturing suppliers and ensuring that you have multiple suppliers available to you instead of relying solely on one. Start creating supply networks. When you have a “plan B” or even a “plan C” supplier available in various locations, it will drastically minimise the impact of a problem with your “plan A” supplier.

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2. Embracing Digital Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is bringing an end to uncertainty with powerful cloud-based solutions like the TotalControlPro™ system. Smart Manufacturing software helps shine a light on the entire manufacturing process including the people involved in them; allowing you to push forward making smarter, faster, better decisions. Say goodbye to manufacturing that’s based on assumptions and guesswork about inventory amounts or when it will need replenishing. You will have the ability to act quickly on insights directly from your data and even impress your customers by offering full traceability of your products from start to finish, all-the-while establishing product authenticity.

3. Funding – Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge

The objective of the Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge is to help the UK’s manufacturing industry become more productive, resilient and sustainable through innovation and the adoption of these insightful digital technologies.

UK registered businesses can apply for funding towards an industrial research project in digital technologies to transform supply chains in UK manufacturing. This funding is from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

The challenge closes on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 11:00am so click here to start your application now!



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