Following our last blog on productivity at the North pole, we mentioned the TotalControlPro planning module. With that in mind, in 2019, anticipating industry trends and technical developments is paramount. In fact, it’s alleged the UK’s growth in the manufacturing sector fell by 0.8% in 2018. So, ensuring productivity and survival ahead of Brexit, whilst conforming to industry 4.0 principles is key. To explain, we’ve discussed the importance of planning and how our modules can enhance the process in the new year.


Energise Module Pricing by TotalControlPro


Why should manufacturers be planning ahead?

It’s been an exciting year for TotalControlPro. We spoke at various UK events, including the Advanced Engineering show. However, we’re now at the end of Q4; Christmas is upon us and a new year around the corner. Therefore, it’s time to plan.

For example, industry 4.0 will see more use of AI in manufacturing, for example our cloud-control modules. They provide real-time digital tracking across the entire production process for seamless operations. In addition, The Internet of Things (IoT); interrelated and enhanced connectivity will change how manufacturers record and use data. So, the IoT will provide better insight into supply chain and inventory processes. Additionally, IoT enabled tech allows manufacturers to maximise equipment lifespans without disrupting output. Overall, this means lower planning, downtime and costs necessary.


Enterprise Module Pricing by TotalControlPro


How Energise and Enterprise can optimise the process

Planning ahead isn’t as daunting as it seems. In fact, industry 4.0 presents various advantages, such as improved productivity, performance and product tracking methods. Implementing Industry 4.0 frameworks, such as our cloud-control software can optimise the planning process. Its simple to install for easy integration with existing formats. Our Energise module can track all elements of production, providing real-time data on all people and machine processes. Additionally, it can produce key analytic reports whilst enhancing manufacturing intelligence with integrated resource planning.

On the other hand, using IoT and optimising production in real-time enables manufacturers to become more efficient, reducing wastage. Our Enterprise module optimises the planning process by personalising the system around specific production needs. Everyone can see stats such as job times and task completion in real-time. Using the data along with KPI tracking follows the whole process. Therefore, gaining accurate data equates to smarter decision making in the planning and scheduling of the operation.

Stay tuned for more software updates; optimise your 2019 using our cloud-control software with TotalControlPro. 

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