Overall TIP: Understand how to utilise the technology and its data – allow the technology to aid your productivity.

How do we utilise the technology? 

Technology is consistently evolving. From new apps to cutting edge devices, new resources are constantly being released, offering new ways to improve operations. However, it can be confusing how to cut through all this ‘newness’ and actually utilise technology to achieve productivity growth. 

Today manufacturers face high implementation costs and time, as well as delays to experiencing a return on investment. Adding to this, new technologies bring additional data sets and information to management teams, most of whom are consequently left unknowing what to do with it all. They are Data Rich and Intelligence poor. 

This is where TotalControlPro™ offers a solution, our Activate product can be installed within a week and an immediate ROI is identified. In one sense, the technology we use is not the most advanced that we offer, it utilises and scans paperwork to construct a full audit log enabling a full productivity tracking system, it is however, tech that’s fit for purpose. As mentioned in Productivity Hacks #1, visibility of production systems from show-floor to top-floor is vital for workplace productivity. This provides managers with a clear, full data log of what is happening and offers managers a better overall understanding, enabling faster responses to resource management.

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For example, a customer in the recycling industry has taken productivity tracking to the next level. Thanks to adding digital audits and accurate cost and timing data, they can now predetermine the profitability of their recycling process. Complementary economic and environmental considerations can be made in alignment that better serve future generations. At TotalControlPro™  we understand implementing new technologies to improve productivity is not just about the one technology but combining elements that suit the full requirements of your industry and provide clarity rather than confusion. 

How do we deliver the technology? 

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A second consideration when implementing new productivity technologies is the way the technology is delivered. TotalControlPro™ use new methods of deployment to ensure a speedy implementation and easeful transition to use. With overseas clients, TotalControlPro™ assess, configure and deliver our full software system online using webinars, feedback videos and facilitate teaching digital champions across the global manufacturing sector.  

We wholly believe in allowing technology to drive and facilitate growth of alternative technologies. A recent client, a tech manufacturer, producing high level digital control panels realised they were making high level tech but not using such tech to assist in their own production. Our advice to them? Don’t wait for the perfect plan based on long drawn out road maps, get started in a small way to build and add on new extra technology. So, why try and solve every problem when you can get Activate up and started in a week and have data to drive your decisions?

TotalControlPro™ believe if you find a good technology partner, they can connect you to technology that assists your growth. You do not have to be the expert. You’re the expert in your business, we’re the expert on our product. We will not tell you how to run your business, we will give you access to the data that helps you do your job to the best standard and evolve the business for the future. 

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