Our business partners program is designed to enable manufacturing companies of all sizes and sectors to take advantage of the latest technology and achieve their business goals. Partnering with Total Control Pro Ltd. to deploy and utilise the proven Manufacturing Operations Platform, DynamxMFG® enables the adoption of industrial digitalisation, drives growth and success. From existing partners, we have seen firsthand the impact our technology can have on a business. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner. 

Each month, Total Control Pro features one of its long-term partner companies. This month we feature IoT Horizon. 

 iot horizon

Who is IoT Horizon?  

IoT Horizon is a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses looking to optimise the performance and energy efficiency of their buildings. Their cutting-edge solutions enable building owners to connect, monitor and control their assets and systems in real-time, providing valuable insights that lead to cost savings and improved productivity of the workforce.  


What does IoT Horizon do? 

IoT Horizon helps clients with digital adoption, which means helping them transition into using digital technologies. IoT Horizon provides end-to-end solutions which include conducting a site survey to determine requirements, building the business case, installing sensors, and using their own IoT platform, called Neronis®, to visualise and analyse the data collected from these sensors. In short, IoT Horizon helps businesses use digital technologies to improve productivity, health, and well-being, and make cost reductions.

Example use cases include…


An overview of the partnership with TotalControlPro 

IoT Horizon has a consultancy arm to the business in which we provide independent advice to clients on their digital strategy. Total Control Pro delivers DynamxMFG®, a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) / MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) that IoT Horizon would recommend to clients looking to track and improve productivity in the manufacturing industry. We bring the IOT, they bring the people product and process tracking. We have delivered a joint solution to AMRC Samlesbury to demonstrate real-time visibility of Stock, Machining, Manufacturing and Assembly, clients can visit this site to see this in action. 

Niamh Allen, Sales & Marketing Director, IoT Horizon 

As the Sales and Marketing Director of IoT Horizon, I am passionate about our mission to create smarter, more sustainable buildings through IoT technology. With IoT Horizon, businesses can unlock the full potential of their buildings and take a step towards a more efficient and sustainable future. 

Dolores Sanders, Strategic Director Total Control Pro Limited, Sales and Marketing – DynamxMFG® 

IoT Horizon was introduced to us through another partner and one of our earliest collaborators. As we negotiate the rapidly expanding technology environment and the needs of UK Manufacturing, having Deyrick, Niamh and their team to share the journey has been invaluable.

As technology providers, it is our belief that we need to make and share tech that is fit for spec, and often the right solution for the client is a combination of digital solutions, working with our partners allows us to do this.  


The digital environment and journey to Smarter Factories is sometimes seen as a confusing and onerous process. Added to that manufacturers need to find ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Total Control Pro Ltd invests in a strategic partner ecosystem that delivers integrated solutions with our DynamxMFG® Operations Platform, enabling Manufacturers to find the right package of services to suit their needs. By joining our partner program, companies will have access to this powerful platform and be able to offer their clients the same level of efficiency and cost savings that we do.

Do not miss this opportunity to stay competitive in the market and offer your clients the best solutions available.  

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