TotalControlPro™ Enterprise is keeping the North Pole up to tech this Christmas, by synchronising toy manufacturing for everyone on Santa’s nice list. As a result, Enterprise improves productivity and time tracking across Santa’s entire workflow; ensuring timely deliveries. Well, except for those on the naughty list! Let’s discuss how.


TotalControlPro Christmas TotalControlPro Christmas TotalControlPro Christmas TotalControlPro Christmas


Tracking every stage of toy production

TotalControlPro caters for production on a scale of festive proportions. We’re providing Santa’s team with real-time tracking across the whole grotto floor. Enterprise is custom built to Santa’s specifications and designed to meet seasonal demand. As a result, streamlining the process and delivering powerful intelligence data around productivity. Furthermore, the planning module communicates with the production floor when a child changes their mind. Ensuring the system logs the change at the earliest opportunity, reducing wastage and bottlenecks. Additionally, real time tracking ensures every elf knows their toy specifications at each stage of production. Real-time planning means instant KPI tracking; assuring smart and accurate decision-making and automated candy cane payroll.


TotalControlPro Christmas


Delivering toys on time 

The elves benefit from smarter performance thanks integration with their existing machines. In addition, next generation dynamic inventory planning/scheduling helps keep toy production and deliveries on track. This is because real-time scheduling integrates with all levels of Santa’s operations. Therefore, helping him pack and organise his sleigh to plan and manage deliveries across global time zones. Christmas eve delivery decisions are usually hectic. However, Enterprise allows Santa to make instantaneous decisions worldwide; managing which toy belongs to what child, meaning every gift is under the tree on time!



TotalControlPro™ Enterprise

Once the Christmas rush is over, TotalControlPro’s Enterprise module still has Santa’s back. So, unlike previous years, when Christmas is over, he can relax! The elves performance and productivity is automatically synced with payroll. In addition, the planning module has let Santa plan 2019’s Christmas already, meaning production can begin immediately without the need of any paperwork. Prior planning streamlines the whole production process; in plenty of time for the next Christmas rush. Merry Christmas to one and all!

*This is fun festive guest blog to illustrate how TotalControlPro could be implemented at the North Pole. Merry Christmas!

Tune in as we discuss module implementations around the world with TotalControlPro.


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