As we are sure you are all familiar with the popular Christmas jingle ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, the TotalControlPro team have decided to adopt this with a slight twist this December.

Looking back over the past year, the company has grown in more ways than one, the team has grown from eight to 14 within the past nine months, our Strategic Director has received considerable recognition for her award as one of Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation award-winners, we have expanded our networks and built lasting partnerships, our customer base is growing and we are consistently striving to reach greater potential.

But none of this would have been possible without a huge number of people, whose dedication, hard work and commitment has seen us grow from strength to strength. Consequently, as Christmas is a time of giving and being thankful, we thought what could be more perfect than launching #12DaysofGratitude. Each working day between now and the start of the Christmas break, we are thanking the individuals who have had TotalControlPro reach the success it has this year.

The team are hugely excited about what has happened and even more so about what is still to come. We look forward to building stronger connections, working with more people and having the team expand. Thank you to all those who have already provided us with so much, here’s to 2020!

Day 1:

Day 1 of our #12DaysofGratitude Thank yous!

So firstly, thank you to our customers! For those who have been with us from the beginning and to those new this year, we look forward to continuing the digital journey with you #UKmfg #Gratitude #MakeItReal

Day 2:

To our greatest asset – Our People ???? Without you nought gets done –Thank you Sandra, Tom, Tony, TJ, Jamie, Belinda, Paul, Dorian, Keiran, Dolores, Jasmine, Rowan, James, Prakash, and what a wonderful team you are #MakeItReal

Day 3:

To our suppliers, thank you! ???? You guys make us look great! Thank you, AWS, Jump, Momentum, Northampton University, Hiscox, Elegant, The Manufacturer, Industry4.0 Summit, Advanced Engineering…#MakeItReal

Day 4:

To our partners at the Silverstone Technology Cluster ????Thank you for building connections and educating us, both key to serving our clients! A huge thank you to the team PimvanBaarsen, Joanne Clement and Jackie Affleck and all our fellow members #MakeItReal

Day 5:

To our Shareholders ???? our Chairman Anthony White, Paul Isaacs and Nicholas Smellie – Thank you for your words of wisdom, guidance and invaluable expertise #5GoldRings #MakeItReal

Day 6:

To our partnership with @madeinthemids, shaping the manufacturing sphere, as a region we do it well! ???? Thank you Joanna , Iwona, Richard and all our fellow members #MakeItReal #MadeInTheMidlands

Day 7:

Day 7 of #12DaysofGratitude!

To our Re-sellers, who’s kind words and collaboration have seen us grow stronger! ????Thank you Chris @PDCA_Consulting, Deyrick & Niamh @IoT_Horizon, Craig, Stewart & Luke @brainboxes_ltd and @RSComponents and Ravi, Rob, Stephen at Edge Digital #MakeItReal

Day 8:

To @innovateuk who have been a continual support this year and inspire new start-ups and SMEs to grow! ???? To the team, Nigel, Emily, Zoe, Katrin, Amanda and Siwan – Thank you for the work you do! #innovation #MakeItReal

Day 9:

To all the Women in Innovation Award Winners 2019 with our Purple Plaques???? Thank you, Debbie, Fanya, Cintia, @DoloresSanders, Daniela, Alex, Sheena, Agnes and Jessica, for being the inspirational women you are #WomenInnovate #MakeItReal

Day 10:

To the Catapults – Simon, Mark, Daniel at @WMGSupplyChain  – Tim and Junuz @the_MTC_org Nicola and Malcolm at @KTNUK and Claire at @MadeSmarterUK, thank you! ???? You transform the space for us to step into #UKmfg #MakeItReal

Day 11:

To all our families???? Thank you for putting up with the late nights, random discussions, unreasonable requests and giving us sanctuary and support ???? #MakeItReal

Day 12:

One final thank you to #UKManufacturing – 2020 is looking very bright and we cannot wait to see where it takes us! Merry Christmas All! #MakeitBetter #MakeItSustainable #MakeitReal


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