Management & Execution System

Immediate implementation of MES solution provides full real-time visibility of your production process for complete production control.

Our MES module provides complete data sets that are organised smartly and communicated clearly so you can make smarter, faster and better decisions to control production.

Workflow Routing & Validation

Efficient workflow procedures are the key to ensuring a seamless and effective manufacturing process. The workflow job board and routing feature provides the ability to visualise and direct the appropriate instruction to the factory floor to instruct the operators automatically for complete production control. It also provides the ability to manage, re-schedule or re-direct jobs and automatically count inventory for WIP items. Access two-way communication necessary for collecting real-time instruction & operator feedback.

Control Production

Custom to you

Quality management

Minimise non-conformances and increase quality assurance by attaching detailed specifications to work orders. Use MES to automatically send diagrams, instructions and custom requirements to workstations and operators. Push live order changes to the shop-floor and introduce amendments into the immediate work schedule. Designed for manufacturers who require strict production control whilst adhering to manufacturing compliance standards our software’s end-to end traceability allows you not only to track entries and edits made throughout the manufacturing process, but also tracks quality and stoppage issues. This ensures your manufacturing process has tighter controls on wastage, rejections, item usage and ultimately cost.

Live operational overview

View what’s happening across your entire manufacturing set-up in real-time to give you a complete operational overview of your business. See the stage of every order, understand what’s happening at each machine and track who is working on which jobs. Receive live alerts of any stoppages or blockages and be sent notifications of any items that are behind schedule with MES.

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