Resource Management

Where it all starts – the foundation module for every TotalControlPro set-up. Manage people, plant and production from anywhere in the world.

Track people, product and process to connect, analyse, adapt and evolve the entire manufacturing process.

Build the foundations

The Resource Management module is the foundation module for every TotalControlPro set-up. It allows you to streamline your processes by visualising all your factory’s resources. Functions include; recording of production lines, shift patterns, production capacities as well as employee and machine resource management.


Improve your processes

Capture data that will give you a clear understanding of your factory’s operations and enable rapid and effective processing improvements. With Resource Management you’ll be able to identify the right resource and its location, at the exact time it’s required to optimise production workflow.

Availability of resources

Align your organisation’s structure with both operator and machine job allocation for complete factory visibility whether it’s across teams, groups or even departments.

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