TotalControlPro is leading the way; creating engaged workforces and demand-driven manufacturing. As Strategic Director it is my job to understand how our industry is changing and help our clients adapt and succeed. As a brand we’ve regularly communicated our vision for a more connected future in manufacturing and beyond. This is due to factors including the UK productivity puzzle, the technology gap we believe is causing it and the need for demand-driven production.


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So, what’s the problem?

In a recent article by the IoD, business leaders quoted the ‘inability to accurately measure the digital world’ as the root cause of the UK productivity puzzle. Currently, the UK is around 35% less productive that its economic counterparts. Considering we were once one of the world’s most productive countries, this is an alarming statistic. The BBC and other media outlets have blamed ‘The Beast from the East’ and Brexit. However, in our opinion passing the blame is too easy. In reality, it’s a failing of the technology industry and TotalControlPro is committed to providing solutions and leading the way into industry 4.0.


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An industry undergoing change

The biggest shift we must complete, is a change from forecast-driven to demand-driven manufacturing. For decades, traditional ERP systems have estimated lead times and reported on data solely for accounting and payroll purposes. However, as the digital work gains speed and customers demand ever-higher levels of personalisation this data becomes highly inaccurate; causing lost productions hours, bottlenecks, mistakes and waste. In short, UK production lines must evolve to avoid becoming obsolete.


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How can TotalControlPro create an engaged workforce?

 It’s a conversation about adoption as much as innovation. The words ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘cloud technology’ can feel alien to many senior managers. However, TotalControlPro is not here to replace man with machine. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Our vision is to empower people with the tools they need to do their job more effectively. Managers can track workflows in real time, identifying problems before they happen. Customers can track their order rather than accepting an estimated lead time; inspiring confidence in the whole process. A real-time overview of team performance and total transparency helps to capture the intelligence on the shop floor, creating a unity culture and spreading best practice for a more sustainable and effective future. Our clients reclaim lost production hours and empower teams with up to 30 mins of increased productivity, per employee, per day.

TotalControlPro currently has three levels of service; ACTIVATE, ENERGISE and ENTERPRISE. Catering for all levels of manufacturing and beyond. Let’s open the conversation and take positive steps toward industry 4.0.

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