Our business partner program is designed to enable companies of all sizes and manufacturing industries to take advantage of the latest technology and achieve their business goals. Partnering with TotalControlPro® to deploy and utilise the proven Manufacturing Operations Platform DynamxMFG® enables the adoption of industrial digitalisation. drive growth and success. From existing partners, We have seen first-hand the impact our technology can have on a business. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner. 

Each month, Total Control Pro features one of its long-term partner firms. This month we feature Smart Manufacture.  

Smart Manufacture


Who is Smart Manufacture?

Smart Manufacture is an independent manufacturing consultant and software services provider specialising in driving growth and efficiency into small to medium-sized manufacturing and small distribution businesses across the UK, by helping them streamline and automate their end-to-end processes. Smart Manufacture partners with several best-of-breed software companies that provide user-friendly and cost-effective offerings in the areas of MRP, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Digital Work Instruction and business process management. There is also another side of the business, Smart Quality, which provides independent ISO consultancy services to the manufacturing sector as well as other sectors, helping companies to implement and maintain several ISO standards in the areas of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety as well as some niche industry sectors including Medical Device, Aerospace and Nuclear. The company also offers cloud-based software that helps businesses more simply and efficiently manage all their ISO, legal, and wider customer and regulatory compliance activity.  


An overview of the partnership with Total Control Pro

Following initially meeting through the Made in the Midlands network, Smart Manufacture and Total Control Pro quickly recognised the potential synergy between their respective manufacturing consultancy and software offerings and the opportunity for Smart Manufacture to identify through their client consultancy engagements the potential fit for Total Control Pro’s platform. As a result, the companies have worked together on a project for a property development and joinery company and are currently engaged in a proof of concept for a steel moulding, laser cutting and fabrication company.  

“Smart Manufacture identified the pain and the specific areas where digital solutions can transform the production environment – in doing so, signposted DynamxMFG® to their clients. Smart Manufacture had a trusted advisor role inside the companies they engaged us with, and as such could have some of the challenging conversations around process changes and the boundaries of technology provision vs business process improvements. We are looking forward to more successful deliveries and a fruitful partnership in 2023 and beyond.” Dorian Smellie, CEO, Total Control Pro.


“Smart Manufacture is looking forward to continuing to develop the partnership with Total Control Pro to harness the combined experience and capabilities to help more manufacturers across the UK to drive improved efficiencies and productivity through digitising their manufacturing processes.” Sara Duff, Director, Smart Manufacture.

Why partnerships are important for Total Control Pro?

The digital environment and journey to Smarter Factories can be seen as confusing and onerous as a process and added to that, manufacturers need to find ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Total Control Pro Ltd invests in a strategic partner ecosystem that delivers integrated solutions with our DynamxMFG® Operations Platform, enabling Manufacturers to find the right package of services to suit their needs. By joining our partner program, companies will have access to this powerful platform and be able to offer their clients the same level of efficiency and cost savings that we do. Do not miss this opportunity to stay competitive in the market and offer your clients the best solutions available.  

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What does Smart Manufacture do? 

Smart Manufacture provides services such as; 

  • Manufacturing Discovery and Scoping Consultancy  
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Optimisation Consultancy 
  • MRP and ERP software 
  • MES software 
  • CRM software 
  • Digital Work Instruction Software 
  • Business Process Management Software 

Smart Quality Services 

  • ISO implementation consultancy services 
  • ISO gap analysis consultancy 
  • ISO toolkit templates  
  • ISO maintenance services – one-off or  
  • ongoing internal audit services    
  • ISO and compliance management software 
  • Legal compliance management software                

It is important to highlight that SME News recently awarded Smart Manufacture, their Southern Enterprise Award for “Best Manufacturing ERP Solutions Provider” 


Manufacturers are wanting integrated solutions that reduce the time, cost and risk of deployment. Total Control Pro Ltd has invested in creating a strategic partner ecosystem that delivers integrated solutions with our DynamxMFG® Operations Platform.

Make Industry 4.0 a reality for your clients with our Performance Partner Programme.

Combine your expertise with DynamxMFG® industry-leading software to help transform manufacturing. Created by manufacturers for manufacturers, DynamxMFG® will give you the confidence, resources and benefits to enable you to build a business that is Ready-to-go, Flexible and Rewarding. 

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