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Manufacturing & Supply Chain – Conference and Exhibition

Case Studies

Get the latest research and data on managing your manufacturing platform.



‘The volume of production was increasing, but our current system couldn’t cope with the demand…. TotalControlPro® offers a solution and will continue to grow that internally for us”


“TotalControlPro® enables us to review, optimise and reward performance and compare actual costs against predicted costs for each job.”


‘The stress and burden of filling out employee work cards or job sheet paperwork on the factory floor was eliminated.”

TotalControlPro Manufacturing Operations Platform

Resource Management

Where it all starts – the foundation module for every TotalControlPro® set-up. Manage people, plant and production from anywhere in the world.


Get instant stock notifications, automate orders and log dispatches to give you end-to-end visibility of your manufacturing process.

Management & Execution System

Set priorities, manage capacity and schedule dynamically, giving you control over the entire manufacturing process.

Shop Floor Interface

Send orders to work-stations, view stoppages and alerts and monitor stock status in real time using touch screen and scan stations.

Customer Management System

Manage custom orders with detailed designs and specifications, track non-conformance and change requests and view the entire audit trail at the touch of a button.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Report on Key Performance Indicators such as jobs in production, productivity, utilisation, performance and profitability using analytics reports built by manufacturers, for manufacturers. Enhance these with custom reports for your needs, using your KPIs.

Planning & Scheduling

Set priorities, manage capacity and schedule part-types/ work items dynamically, giving you control over the entire manufacturing process.

Business Integration

From accounts to Excel, from CAD to ERP, integrate your systems with data from TotalControlProTM to complete your smart factory set-up.

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